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Lucía is a Mexican figurative painter and linguist who has lived and worked in Houston for the last 20 years.  

My love for art has been a lifelong experience, and I have been fortunate enough to embrace it and start creating.

Although I have always loved art, I started my art journey only a few years ago, managing to develop my own distinctive style and making my work highly recognizable.

My process embodies freedom, a form of liberation. I don’t plan a painting, I do have an idea of what I want to create, but as soon as I see a pair of eyes looking back at me or a figure emerging, I just let it take the lead. Painting, for me, is a form of liberation. I like to think that my human-like figures exist in their own world and communicate through their eyes, without saying a word. 

My paintings are all about expression, emotion, movement, and what they make you feel. Every brushstroke has an intention, and my only hope is that each piece makes the viewer feel inspired and wanting to see more.

Lucy and her paintings.jpg


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